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Wax Services

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 Signature intimate wax

Don’t be shy, I've seen it all before. Just tell me where you’d like to be hair free and i’ll use a luxury intimate wax blend and specially developed techniques to give you super-smooth results, super fast. No blushes.

 I am the leading specialist in the Farnsfield and surrounding area regarding intimate waxing and I am here to help you choose the perfect style for you, so if you’re unsure just ask me and i’ll be happy you guide you on the various intimate wax options.

Signature wax is the most popular option. This wax removes all hair starting from the edge of your pant line right through to your inner and outer labia and all hair around your anus.

Signature wax has the option to leave a strip on your pubic mound with a width and length of your choice, which you can discuss with your me. I don’t charge extra for removing your strip as the signature wax is so thorough that it only takes a second to remove it for you.

The perfect option if you want to be completely or almost completely hairless.


Other wax solutions

I also offer all other types of female body waxing. Whether you just need a 1/2 leg or underarm wax right through to a full face wax ( yes that is even a thing!) I can help. Just contact me to find out more about my services.

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